Review of the Xbox One X

Hello reader!

Today’s blog topic will be my review of the Xbox One X gaming console. This is the first of my technology pieces; however, I have been down this road before.

Last year, I saw the reveal of Xbox’s Project Scorpio which was revealed to be the Xbox One X. The console came out in November 2017, so it is still relatively new. I swore to myself early last year that I would not buy a mid-generation console because something new will be released within a couple of years, after all, its the gamer market!

I was content with my PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One (original). I had each of the three platforms and a ten year old Sony Bravia television.

Things changed last month when I decided to upgrade to a new television in preparation of football season, October baseball, NASCAR’s Chase for the Cup and everything else in between. It’s a big television and it is very thin. Most importantly, it has the 4K resolution as well as HDR (High Dynamic Range) features.

Now keep following along, because the Xbox is absolutely related to this part of the story!

After getting my broadcast television, Fire TV stick, and consoles hooked up to the television, I could already tell the difference. Alas, I had this urge to get something that will utilize 4K and HDR and show me the actual difference, this is the backstory as to why I bought my Xbox One X.

Let’s dive in to the review now! As most people do some prior research, I weighed the option of getting a PS4 Pro for 100 dollars less than a Xbox One X. It displayed 4K and had all the bells and whistles. Plus, it was more powerful than the original PS4 in terms of hardware. Next, I looked into the Xbox One X. To me, it seemed that Microsoft was trying to justify their more expensive console by the hardware inside.

After comparing both, the Xbox One X has the PS4 Pro beat in the hardware department. For now, I’ll leave the door open to where I break down the hardware comparison instead of doing it in this review in the future.

The biggest difference you will see visually is COLOR! I mean that too! What the Xbox One X does is called supersampling to where it tries to upscale anything that isn’t already 4K/HDR/Xbox One X Enhanced to make it look sharper than it did on a previous television.

If you get an Xbox One X, look on their website and see which games have a combination of 4K/HDR/Xbox One X Enhanced because the games will be optimized for the console. Also, download a free app called Insects. It’s a presentation where you can see insects and flowers in a field and you can toggle on/off the 4K and HDR options and you will start to understand the difference and potential down the road.

Now, I will advise to you that if you are on a budget and have a 4K television, get the Xbox One S. There is a 200 dollar difference! In terms of picture, you will be all set for the next few years and to many people, that’s all they care about anyway!

If you want to better prepare yourself for specialized games and can shell out the extra 200 dollars, get the Xbox One X. In terms of picture, it will be just like the Xbox One S. The key difference will be hardware performance. What you will see a difference in will be the frames per second, the loading times, etc. Some games will give you an option in their settings to trade visual enhancements for a smoother frame rate with minimal lag. Games like Gears of War 4 can do this.

Beware with these enhanced games! If you download/play a lot of enhanced games, the texture files plus the game will be over 90GB for games like Halo 5 or Forza Motorsport 7.

All in all, I love the console and I still have plenty of games to try! I’m awaiting the Halo Master Chief collection to hit the Game Pass so that I can catch up on Halo lore. I totally missed out on the Halo era because I was strictly PlayStation and PC at the time! Silly me!

Hope you enjoy this simplistic review! I just wanted to give my two cents on what I initially think about the console and let you readers understand what you are buying. It’s a great console! Although it has a 500 dollar price tag here in the United States, you will be totally prepared with the best console for new video game releases by Triple-A publishers for the next few years!

I think next time, I will discuss the Battle Royals craze sweeping the gaming community! (They are a lot of fun, by the way!!)

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