Big Wheels, Keep on Turning

Good morning reader! I felt the urge to type a stream of consciousness this morning. I felt like it was time to brainstorm and provide some general updates in my own life.

I want to start out by saying that the combination of this Chromebook and writing on WordPress, has re-ignited my fire for writing. I’ll throw in reading as well, but to a lesser degree.

I am known for having all sorts of good ideas (at least to me) kick around in my head on a daily basis. I decided one day, after setting up my first Chromebook, to start writing again on WordPress. The best way to describe it is that I followed a whim through. I had no reason to write, I just wanted to do it, and dammit, I did! Little did I know at the time, this would set forth a consistency with updating this blog and some other writing projects.

The first project I’ve been typing up on Google Docs is a book. I intended this on being a short story but I would not surprised at all if it ended up evolving into a novel. I have the synopsis already written, and it seemed like a short story but I’ve written about 15 pages so far, all this week, and it’s just evolving naturally into something bigger. See, I wouldn’t even be writing this thing if it wasn’t for following my whim to just “write something” on a random afternoon after work.

As this story fleshes out more, I’ll share more details with you. I can already see that this story is going to be Southern Gothic at its core but it’s taking place in the wild west. The story itself centers around three characters and I cover each of them and eventually bring them all together for the main act of the story. The first character is a modest, simple middle aged man just trying to find work to provide for his family, I can see his compassionate and weathered personality developing as the story goes on. Then, you have another character that’s a young man that’s been pampered and used to the high life. Let’s just say he get’s humbled going to the west and the first character tries to watch out for him. Then, the third character is an older man that’s the most eccentric and twisted character of them all. I unload all the Southern Gothic macabre and chaos into him.

To be clear, I have no idea what will happen with this story and I do not have a time-frame for when it will be completed. I don’t expect it to linger for years on years just because when I’m doing something I have a passion for, I like to see the project through but at the same time, not rushed. I take work a lot of the same way even though I’m less passionate about that, in comparison to a hobby on the side. Then again, don’t we all feel that way even if we love our jobs?

At the end of the day, I think the fate of my book will be determined after it’s written. At the very least, I can say I had a hell of a time writing it and it might just be a warm-up for something bigger. I do have another idea for a story that will take place in the 70’s and be around big government, space, and etc. I don’t have much more on that yet, just a time period and somewhat of a theme.

If the story is meant to be published and put out on the scene, then it will. I’m a firm believer in that the work will draw whatever it needs to keep moving wherever it needs to be.

This is the whole point of following whims such as writing. For you, it might be a different passion. Want to sharpen your cooking skills and not have to call the fire department? Well, go for it! You’ll save some money in the long run but also you get to explore some art and creativity because cooking is an art. Got a guitar stringed up but collecting dust? Wipe that shit off with a microfiber cloth and get your pick out and just play the damn thing! Yeah, you’re not going to sound like Stevie Ray Vaughan but guess what? You want to do it and you have fun doing it, your passion will carry through and sharpen that skill. Don’t get caught up with the end game of your whims, just do them as you see fit.

Another whim I’m working on is getting healthier. Those who know me know that I live a very unhealthy lifestyle in terms of consumption. It’s not going to be easy at all and it will take baby steps. That’s where those systems I’ve mentioned in the past come to play!

This pandemic has really done a number on my mindset. At first, it just elevated my depression and negative outlook but as time went on and I kept to myself and the world shut itself down, I had many realizations and erased many of my biases.

Folks, nobody really cares about the little things you do. Everyone is so busy living their own lives, they have no time to mock yours because they don’t want to reflect that energy and have it re-directed to them.

There will always be a handful of trolls out there to give you some doubt but I’ve said for years that trolls die without food. Don’t feed them. Just ignore them.

As a result, I am going to follow my whims this summer. I have no idea where they lead but if it makes me more productive and I have fun doing these things in the short term, then it’s game on!

Plus, let’s all spend this summer without worrying about giving our opinions and our take on all the major things the internet spits out at us. Take politics for an example. We all had our specific takes and opinions and we sure did dish them out with whatever consequence these past four years. Let’s just take a break. Watch the headlines still, but don’t worry about them. Let’s spend this summer taking care of ourselves and our immediate family and friends. That way, we all strengthen our bonds and our bodies, and can reflect positive momentum out there in the world. Maybe, we will see a turn of the tide. Because I firmly believe negativity breeds negativity and then the same goes for positive. The world has dished out a lot of negative towards us and I think most people have been on an emotional decline. How about we reverse that and make the world change to our positive?

In short, follow your whims! Let the big wheels keep on turning, in terms of the world operating day to day. Spend this time improving yourself and having some fun. Your mind wants to make you better, quit blocking it out. Listen to it.

As a final note, this blog’s title came from the lyrics to Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd. It was playing in the background while I was thinking of a title. Just followed a whim!

Have a great day, reader!

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