My History With Nintendo

This will be the first of four entries over the next couple of months. The idea behind the “My History With…” series, is to give you an insight with all of the various mediums of consoles and platforms I have used for gaming. Also, you’ll see that I refuse to dive into the whole console wars, or even the whole “PC Master Race” hot takes from various other people. I have gotten enjoyment over the years out of Nintendo consoles, Sony consoles, Xbox consoles, PC gaming, handhelds, arcade machines, SEGA consoles, I mean the list just goes on and on!

I also feel like if this blog is going to double down in the gaming aspect, I need to establish some credibility as a long term gamer and where a lot of my opinions come from. I’m not just some media person diving into a niche, just knowing it on a surface level. No way Jose! For me, I have been gaming since I was a small child and I have so, so many great memories with each console.

In order to deliver the whole story properly, I have subdivided my past history of gaming into four sections. You are reading the first right now, Nintendo. The other three pieces will be Sony, Microsoft, and finally PC + more. The latter article will go into my years of PC gaming plus some of the other consoles I have played such as the SEGA Genesis.

With this article, I plan on going chronological with the first Nintendo console I have played and go from there. I’ll feature a picture for each, and also I’ll attach a video from YouTube for each console, either showing the marketing or some gameplay that still resonates with me over the years.

I should note before we begin, I did not possess each and every Nintendo console. Especially the more modern ones, the decision was due to personal preference. As for the older consoles, I either could not find one or I just was not feeling the nostalgia.

Without further delay, let’s jump in!

Nintendo Entertainment System

Duck Hunt (NES)

This era was very difficult to pinpoint because I was very young. I want to say this was when I was kindergarten age, so we’re talking 1999. This is the year Prince wants to party and it’s also the first year I was in school. At this point, it was a decade past the peak of popularity for the NES. Here in Arkansas, it’s very easy to acquire gaming consoles that are 10 years and older for an exceptional price at various yard sales. The reason I mention this, is due to the fact this is exactly how my Dad got this console for me.

In fact, the SEGA Genesis was my first ever console. This NES was my second one. Also, it was almost like jumping a generation behind in terms of graphics and gameplay. The reason I included Duck Hunt as my main gameplay clip is because it was my favorite game to play. At the time, I had no idea how the technology made it possible, but I could just point and aim the gun controller at the television and shoot some ducks. Never could pop that smart-ass dog though! I see Nintendo didn’t want to freak out PETA or anything, but that dog was an asshole for laughing at a 5-6 year old kid for not hitting every single target!

The other game we had for this console was the original Super Mario Bros. Now that I can remember this moment, I’m pretty sure that we had both games as a combo/bundle. I did some research online and I found the box art and I remember it well! For Super Mario Bros, I would use the controller and I could get past the first three levels or so but it just did not grab my attention because the SEGA Genesis spoiled me with the 16 bit platforming like Batman Forever provided.

In conclusion, my main love with this console was Duck Hunt. After I got my fun out of Duck Hunt, I was pretty much done with the console. I never got to play many of the other games, due to the fact that we could not find them, and also, this was the era just before the game stores popped up.

Just a few months later, I got a whole new gaming experience introduced to me. I can’t remember if it was birthday or Christmas time, but I had a gift to open and it was none other than the…..

Game Boy Color

“See Through Purple” as I called it, circa 2000
Nicktoons Racing gameplay

I remember getting a Game Boy color around the year 2000, in fact it might have been the Christmas of 1999 or 2000. I just have a hard time remembering. Honestly though, I think Christmas of 2000 was the date. At this stage of my life, I was more mobile than stationary as a child. A lot of it was due to the fact that when I was out of school and both of my parents were working their jobs or doing their adulting, I had to stay with a variety of relatives. My top three were my NeeNee (Dad’s Sister), my Mee-Maw (Dad’s Mom), and then to a lesser degree, my Grandma Linda (My Mom’s Mom).

I loved to play games but I needed something more entertaining for when I had some down time at their homes. Keep in mind, my NeeNee was in her early 60s, my Mee-Maw was in her mid 70s. Their routines usually involved having a busy first part of the day, a nap in the middle, and then laid back in the evening time. Also, during that time, I did a lot of riding around with them. I just had quite a bit of downtime and even though I would play outside a whole lot and also had race cars and action figures, my mind just wanted something more stimulating. I had a great imagination as a kid.

So I ended up getting the same Game Boy Color you see above. It also came with a little light that looked like a worm that you would plug into the left side of the Game Boy, in order to illuminate your screen. Back then, there wasn’t really such a thing as a back-light that we’re used to on cell phones these days.

Some of the games I had for the Game Boy included Nascar 2000, Nicktoons Racing, Rampage World Tour, Rugrats in Paris, and then eventually Pokemon Silver.

I think I played each of these games extensively, I completed each one of them at least once. In some cases, such as Pokemon Silver, I played through at least two times since you could start with one of three different Pokemon. That alone should give three playthrough’s. I have to say, that was smart of the developers at the time!

The memory that stands out to me the most with this console is the Christmas when I got it. Let me tell it in its full glory! So on Dad’s side of the family, we would have Christmas at my Meemaw’s house. I can’t remember if my Mom was there or not but even though my parents were divorced, it wasn’t rare at all to see both parents at different family gatherings, even if its not theirs. Now that I think of it, I think she was there. She will know after this story gets told just because it’s so memorable.

Back in 2000, games still cost the same as they roughly do today. Games were $50 for a very long time until the PS3/360 era, when $60 became more common-place. If you adjust for inflation, games should cost at least $80 these days but folks are having fits over $70. I digress….

My parents were in charge of getting me the Game Boy itself. When I opened it, I had Rampage World Tour and Nicktoons Racing. Meemaw was the one that gifted me Rugrats in Paris because I loved that cartoon as a young kid, of course before Spongebob took over!

I opened the gift and said my thanks and hugged everyone. You know what it’s like as a kid when Christmas is just perfect and you’re just so damn happy and thankful and have that cloud nine feeling. I really miss it as an adult but now it’s our responsibility to make sure the kids of the future get to experience what we did.

The packaging for games at that time had a notorious reputation of being bigger than what the cartridge actually covers. For example, the Game Boy Color boxes looked flashy and was the size of two smartphones butted together. However, the game cartridges were about 1/4th the size of the box it came in. Keep all of this in mind.

My Meemaw honestly had no idea what the hell she just bought me. She just knew it was on my list and did her part. I remember her making a comment in the background saying, “Son, I hope you enjoy whatever that is. It cost me fifty damn dollars. I love you and all that but I just hope it was worth it.”

At that point, my Dad said, “Hey Shane, why don’t you show your MeeMaw what her $50 bought you? Go ahead and take out the cartridge and put it in the Game Boy!”

I gave Meemaw the cartridge and she just looked at it in silence and then finally responded, “Well what the fuck is this thing? You mean we all paid fifty fucking dollars a piece for one of these damn things? Do you know what all you could have bought with fifty dollars?”

Apparently, all of the adults died of laughter, metaphorically of course. So, I decided to fire up the game and I showed her some gameplay. You could tell the cartridge turned her worldview upside down on items and cost. Eventually though, I think she was impressed in a way that you could pack all that onto a little chip and give a kid entertainment for hours on the go. That’s what the Game Boy Color provided me.

After that Christmas though, I believe Mom and Dad both told me on two occasions to leave the action figures, LEGOs, and playsets for Meemaw and they or Santa would cover the video games.

The Game Boy Color was one of my favorite consoles. As a matter of fact, I still have it, and it still works!

Still standing 21 years later!

Game Boy Advance

It’s like the Game Boy Color but better!

The next Nintendo item I got was the Game Boy Advance. I think I got this handheld device about 1 or 2 years after the Game Boy Color. I don’t have any lengthy stories to tell about this console but I do have some memories regarding this bad boy.

I firmly remember that it was basically the Game Boy Color but newer and improved. For one, you can probably tell by the form factor that it was much easier to hold in the hands and play longer periods of time. I remember everything feeling easier to align. I had a couple of accessories with this one too. One was a battery pack that I could plug into the wall for when I was gaming at the house and sitting on the couch. I would save my batteries for on-the-go gameplay. The other accessory I had was another screen light that hovered above the screen on the top. We still did not have it back-lit.

As for the games themselves, they felt like a step up graphically. The best way I can describe the leap is similar to the jump from 8 bit to 16 bit that you saw with the NES to Super Nintendo. I remember playing Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire extensively on this console. I also played FireRed when it also released. Other games on this console included Power Rangers: Wild Force and then Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town.

In fact, you can see what I mean in terms of a graphical jump the Game Boy Advance provided with some gameplay of Harvest Moon below.

Another aspect Nintendo introduced with the Game Boy Advance is that you could connect it to the Nintendo GameCube and transport certain things between games. For example, you could get on Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life on GameCube and it would give you an option to hook up the Game Boy Advance and visit Mineral Town. At the time, it was wild to see two seperate consoles working together like that in 2004!

I should mention that this part of my life is where I would have two different Nintendo consoles in the same time frame. It happened around 2004 with the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo GameCube and then it happened again a few years later with the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii. One console was for portable purposes and the other I would play at my own home and not really take it anywhere because I was paranoid as hell about them breaking.

Nintendo GameCube

Hi-Ho Silver!

THE Nintendo GameCube. What a console! This has to easily be one of my top-three favorite consoles as a child.

I remember sometime in 2004, my Mom and I were visiting Uncle Tim, her brother. Tim was notorious for having all sorts of nice toys. If it came to the latest technology or flashy car, he had it! That’s just who he was! He had this game console called the Nintendo GameCube and when we visited, he was playing this game called Mario Kart: Double Dash. He grabbed a couple of wireless controllers from his entertainment center and told Mom and I, “You both aren’t leaving until we play some Mario Kart.”

First of all, I was obsessed over the wireless controller. Usually, I had to set up my Playstation 2 carefully because I always was tethered to the controller. So, we played the game and both Mom and I were just blown away with how fun and simple the game was. Not to mention, the graphics looked very good for a game in 2004!

He invited us to come play again another evening. He introduced us to even more of the games Nintendo had to offer. Again, just as last time, we were just blown away at what the GameCube had to offer.

It was after that night, Mom actually agreed with me that we had to go get a GameCube of my own. Mom was a gamer herself but she mostly played PC with me. You’ll get to read more about that in the fourth installment of this series.

Shortly thereafter, we had to search a few stores and we finally got a GameCube. We got two of the wireless controllers as well. Also, we got Mario Kart: Double Dash and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. We remember both of those games impressing us the most.

After a while, Mom and I would race to our hearts content on Mario Kart and we unlocked everything we could. Shortly after, I went to Zelda and completed that game after a good while.

We didn’t really know what to try next. Mom had a promotion at the movie rental place to where she could get a game over the weekend if she bought X amount of movies. We loved watching movies together so that was a promo we exploited quite a bit.

This promotion led us to Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. What an incredible game! You lived the life of a farmer in a small village and ran your own farm and did some interesting other tasks such as fishing and archaeology. You also could give villagers products from your farm; however, they all had their unique preferences. You would find one of the eligible ladies and marry them. You would have a child and as the game progressed, your farm got more advanced, the people would age, and you would live out the life of this little farmer.

I don’t think I talked to Mom about this much, but after the game ended, your farmer passed away. I think I grieved more over our farmer than some of my real life distant relatives. I was a kid, death was a weird concept, leave younger me alone!

Anyway, the next game we both would play extensively was Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour. Uncle Tim steered us toward this game because he knew I liked to play the PGA Tour games that he had. Mom and I, to this day, could talk hours about Mario Golf and we can recall memories about certain courses with certain characters. We also can remember certain holes and when we got hole-in-ones and albatrosses. Yet, if you ask us where we put our socks from two days ago, we absolutely could not tell you.

Mom didn’t really play any of the other GameCube games like I did. Some of it was due to time, and the other part was due to the fact she just would still play the aforementioned games above. We got the sequel to Harvest Moon where you ran the same farm, but played as a female farmer. It was just as fun the second time around.

As for me, I got to experience some of the other GameCube designed games such as F-ZERO, Star Fox, Animal Crossing, Metroid, Super Mario Sunshine. All of them were great games, especially Animal Crossing.

Now for the third-party games, such as NASCAR, Madden, and the more serious sports games I would like to play, I always found out that the PlayStation 2 games would run them better. As a general rule, I would only play GameCube only games, on the GameCube. Everything else, went to PlayStation. It felt like the best of both worlds.

You know, in hindsight, the GameCube gets a lot more apathy than it deserves. I am not sure why many people think so low of the console. If it weren’t for the GameCube, the Game Boy would have probably been the last Nintendo console I would have wanted. It was the GameCube and its terrific first party games that made me fall in love with the different Nintendo franchises themselves. That’s what companies need to drive customers to the newest and greatest consoles. Take Zelda for example. Many people have their own memories of Zelda, like myself with the Wind Waker. I remember when the Switch was announced, they also announced Breath of the Wild and I’m sure it alone sold many Switches.

Before we move on to the Nintendo DS, I’d like to include some gameplay from Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour. Just look at the graphics and keep in mind this game was released late in 2003. This could easily pass as a Nintendo Wii game. (Sorry Mom, I had to include Blooper Bay. We need to face our Mario Golf demons head-on.)

Dear Blooper Bay, I love to hate you.

Nintendo DS

The beginning of a new era

The Nintendo DS, or Nintendo Dual-Screen, as I liked to call it, released November of 2004. I think I got mine sometime in 2005, if I remember correctly. This console revolutionized handhold, portable gaming as it was in the day. You can just tell it was the next logical step, as well as the most ambitious step Nintendo took after the Game Boy Advance.

Some of the new features this console had included the top screen being your basic viewing screen; however, this console had a bottom screen that was a touch screen. Most games would have you focus on the top screen for gameplay, and then the bottom screen would be used for inventory purposes or would serve as a map/menu to compliment the main screen. Animal Crossing: Wild World and Mario Kart DS were my first two games and I was quite surprised to find this image for the DS. Animal Crossing used the bottom touch screen as it’s main screen and the top screen would just feature the sky + clouds so you could watch for balloons to pop. To me, it was the first game that you could really play with the touch screen.

This was played on a later, aesthetically improved model of the DS, gets the point across, though!

Some of the other features was that the DS could be folded in half so that it could fit in your pocket. It had a spot for a stylus that you would use to operate the touch screen. It had a built in microphone as well. It was also the first naturally backlit screen that I could play with. Another cool feature is that it would utilize wi-fi for online play, or web browsing. Finally, it had a spot underneath the console where you could fit a Game Boy Advance game in there and use your DS to play it.

I remember on the bright sunny days, I would opt to have my Game Boy game operate on the bottom screen and I would fold the top half of the DS to block the sunlight better. It was just a hell of a portable console and it really revolutionized gaming on the go.

Not to mention, it had some great games! I remember playing the main Nintendo first party games, including Pokemon Diamond. Also, I tried some of the third party games on it. Just like the Gamecube, if you were going to game on the DS, your best bet was to stick to the Nintendo exclusives.

As the DS continued on, Nintendo wanted to grow the console and utilize more of the wi-fi capabilites. They wanted it to run various apps like news, weather, sports, etc. Think iPhone before the iPhone. Unfortunately though, when they decided to double down on that concept, Steve Jobs would announce the first iPhone months later and just tank that whole idea.

I had the Nintendo DS for many years. It was THE portable gaming console in my eyes as I turned into a young teenager. Eventually, Nintendo moved on to the 3DS, which itself was a great console, but I just did not need another portable console, nor did I have the interest in the games. At that point, the Nintendo Wii was hogging my attention.

Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii

The year of 2006 was a year of high hope for gaming. We got introduced to the next iterations from all of the major companies. It was clear the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 were entering a battle for supremacy in terms of hardware, graphics, games, and etc. Everyone wondered how Nintendo would respond. I remember reading previews of the next console. I think the year before they introduced us to the console design, and code named it the Nintendo Revolution! Seemed cool to me! Other than that, we were left in the dark in terms of the games, gameplay, graphics, hardware, accessories, etc.

Eventually though, Nintendo decided to show their cards and this video below is the initial presentation. You can skim it as you wish, but I wanted to link to the full clip because I remember the day I watched this presentation from our home computer. I remember being so excited and pumped up at Nintendo’s direction, and I just had to show Mom. She also enjoyed what they had to offer.

This is how you introduce a new console!

After this announcement, it was clear Nintendo decided to not even participate in the same contest in the console wars. Nintendo pretty much told Sony and Microsoft to have fun chasing graphics and tech, Nintendo was going to go their own way and cast a wider net.

It was pretty obvious that motion and active gaming was the next logical step. Around this time, gamers and obesity went together like peanut butter and jelly. This was a subtle way to get people more active with their hobby and do them less harm.

I remember in the Spring of 2007 sometime, Mom and I were able to find a Nintendo Wii somewhere nearby. We got some kind of deal to where you got the original console that came with Wii Sports but we were also able to get another game and we got the latest Sonic game for the Wii. There was not much else out at the time because the console was so new.

Hell, that was just fine because Wii Sports got many, many, many miles ran up on that game from Mom and I. We played everything but our two favorite games were golf and bowling. I think bowling was our favorite overall. We both got great at that game and would have some high scoring contests.

It just felt good to move! The console itself was pretty easy to set up. It came with a sensor bar with a ridiculously long cable so you could easily get a setup established.

As time went on, we started to see Nintendo’s first party games make their way over to the Wii. Two games we fondly remember were Mario Kart Wii and Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. With Mario Kart, we were introduced to the racing wheel peripheril. You could pop in the controller in the middle of the steering wheel and it just added a whole new level of immersion. We spent countless hours on that game as well.

As for Zelda, I remember playing through the story swiftly. I just enjoyed the change of direction from the Wind Waker and the more serious tone. Plus, using the Wii Remote to assist your gameplay was a whole new experience.

My favorite game from the Nintendo Wii was hands-down Super Mario Galaxy. In that video above, you can see some gameplay of all three of the major games I have mentioned, minus Sonic. Super Mario Galaxy not only had an incredible story, the whole atmosphere of space and planets was a treat! It allowed for all sorts of worlds to be integrated. The gameplay was not hard to where you just could not get past a certain stage but it also was not easy enough to where you could just do everything on the first try with no problem.

I firmly believe this direction by Nintendo was the best move they could make. Even today, we are seeing the benefits. Sometimes, though, you run a risk being on your own and trying to be the innovator. Some of the concepts would not hit home as well as other concepts. Take the next two consoles from Nintendo for example. The Wii U just did not have the same allure as the Wii or the other consoles out there. As for the 3DS, it had the same issues.

It’s a shame though because both of these consoles had amazing games and Nintendo has been introducing those games on the back-end by porting them to the Nintendo Switch. Take Mario Kart 8 for example, it’s a remastered port from the Wii U.

I do find it quite ironic that after the Wii received critical acclaim and mass popularity, we saw the Xbox and PlayStation introduce their own games and equipment like the Kinect and PS Move in order to dip into the same market Nintendo had a firm grasp. This, my readers, emphasizes the point of being proud of being different.

The Nintendo Dark Years (2009-2017)

I had to do some research on when my dark years were! I remember shortly before Super Mario Galaxy 2 was released, I entered my dark years, without much Nintendo gameplay at all. I never even picked up Super Mario Galaxy 2. You’ll see in my subsequent articles in this series that I spent these years deep in the PC and Sony/Microsoft consoles. I’d say the front half was PC and then the latter half was just the consoles.

Earlier, I alluded to the fact that Nintendo’s marketing and strategy just did not cater to me. I was a teenager and I felt like it was time to move past the Mario games and the whole Nintendo scene. I wanted more realistic games, more high-end games.

These were also the years Mom and I were neck deep in our schooling. In this time frame, I graduated high school, junior college, and then university. Mom was in pursuit of her nurse practitioner quest as well as her subsequent quest to be an educator. Mom had a knack for both of those and it’s just a shame the right opportunity never presented itself for her to be an educator.

When we both did have chances to relax, Mom wanted to be on social media or watch movies because a lot of her energy came from conversation with life-long friends or just unwinding with a movie. As for me, I played Xbox and PlayStation and World of Warcraft with my friends and socialized via gaming.

Around 2014, it was time for the next generation of consoles. Nintendo had the Wii U, Sony had the PS4, and then Xbox had the train-wreck of the Xbox One. When 2017 rolled around, there were already rumors of new consoles being developed. This was the first time we got to see a mid-generation console. Take the Xbox One X for example. It’s way more powerful than the original Xbox One, but Xbox was still developing the next generation, the Series consoles, as well. We were confused as gamers. Many people did not want to leap and get a mid generation console when their original console ran the games they wanted to play just fine.

Nintendo saw an opportunity and decided to pounce. They heard the feedback from some of us that played Nintendo when we were younger. In a way, enough years passed and we missed the experiences that Nintendo provided. The main question they had to answer was, “How can we still innovate as a console maker but also give the gamers what they want in terms of their classic Nintendo experience?” Well…..

Nintendo Switch

It’s a home console AND a portable console???

I remember in 2016, especially late into the year, there were swirling rumors about how Nintendo could announce their new console at any time. The speculation was all over the place and nobody really knew what Nintendo was aiming for. One thing I give Nintendo excellent credit for, even to this day, is that they run a tight ship. Remember when Bloomberg spilled the beans on the upgraded version of the Switch that was coming out this year and would be announced before E3? Still crickets. That’s how you do it Nintendo. Hype does more harm than good for games. It’s fine to be personally excited and eager but the speculation by the affiliated media people is just not good at all. They claim to be insiders but they are usually completely wrong.

I better stop there! So, on October 20th, 2016, a day after my birthday, Nintendo dropped this video for all of us to digest:

A hybrid console! Now that is how you innovate! You’re not sacrificing any performance nor graphic quality swapping from home console to portable, neither! I felt like Nintendo has wanted to try this concept for a long time, but we finally have the right components to pull it off.

I was blown away watching that video. I remember telling myself that Nintendo has won me back.

Also at this time, Sony and Microsoft were trying to sell $400+ upgraded versions of their already existing consoles while Nintendo enters the scene mid-generation with the Switch.

The Switch sold like hotcakes. For months you could not find one when it released in March 2017. Also at that time, I was in my final semester of college, I was just a couple months away from securing a full time job with my degree that I could one day get a Switch. Not to mention, I had a wedding that summer and married my soul-mate. 2017 was a busy year!

Naturally, as the holiday season approached, you could suddenly find Nintendo Switches at relative ease. Also, you could pick which one you wanted. You could get the gray or the red and blue. Christmas of 2017, my wife and I were talking and wanted to buy a gift that both of us would like and the Switch was at the top of our radar.

So after our family get-together, we went to Best Buy in the evening and picked up the gray Nintendo Switch. We got a copy of Mario Kart 8 to go with it as well.

That was only the beginning!

I remember we spent the next couple of days racing our hearts out on Mario Kart. My wife and I would use one of the joy-cons each and just hold it in our hands and race in the split screen. Once we got a good deep dive of Mario Kart, we talked about seeing what else the Switch had to offer. I was more interested in Zelda: Breath of the Wild and my wife was more interested in Super Mario Odyssey. So what happened? We got both. Zelda was a gift from a family member and then we bought Odyssey.

When my wife wanted to watch television, I would play Zelda in handheld mode. That was the first time I really got to see how the Switch played as a handheld console and it did great! Zelda ran just as good as it did docked to the TV. The Switch didn’t run any hotter than it would have regularly and I could play it for hours.

Of those two games, Super Mario Odyssey blew us both away. My wife played the campaign first and then I played it after her. We had so much fun both times. She asked me if Odyssey was better than Galaxy but I could not pick a better game of the two. I told her that they are tied. In fact, maybe before we see a direct sequel to Odyssey, I’d like to see Nintendo take everything that was great in Odyssey but apply it to the world of Donkey Kong and give him a good adventure with all of the elements we loved in Odyssey. Don’t worry, Nintendo, I won’t charge you for this idea as long as you will see it through! I wouldn’t mind a free copy though! Just kidding…..maybe…..

So, I made it about 25% of the way through Zelda before some other games released for the Switch. Even with that little progress, it was easily the best Zelda game I’ve played.

As some of the other first party games released, I would go buy them shortly after and play them as they released such as Pokemon, Mario Tennis, Mario Party, Super Smash Bros, Animal Crossing, and Mario Golf just to name a few. In fact, I plan on playing Mario Golf this afternoon!

Another aspect of the Switch that I like is the fact that they started to pick up better third party support. I would have bought Skyrim yet again if I wasn’t as strict on my “No More Skyrim, Todd” rule in order to encourage Bethesda to make Starfield.

I have some other games such as Civilization 6 that run very well.

Nintendo has also stepped in as a chief cheerleader for the independent game developers, such as Stardew Valley and Hades. These games help buy Nintendo some time to churn out high quality exclusives and it also gets people to play lesser known games at good value. I put many, many hours into Stardew Valley as well.

Today, the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox Series X are my main two gaming consoles. I can go back and forth and get different experiences with each.

Now that it’s been a few years, I can easily say that the Nintendo Switch will go down as one of my favorite consoles I have ever played. The fact that I can game with my wife and one of these days, I can game with my nieces, nephews, and even our own children once it’s time for them to enter this world.

Before I wrap up this section, I wanted to follow up regarding my Mom. She also has a Nintendo Switch. Her and her wife, Stacy, are major Zelda fans and I think they are preparing very hard to defeat my wife and I at Mario Golf when we meet up in a couple of weeks. After seeing how much we enjoyed the Switch, they got one shortly after. It was impressive seeing how we could just bring our controllers and easily connect back and forth to either console and start playing very quickly!

The Nintendo Switch in the present is just as influential and fun as the GameCube was when I was a child. They both will be held on a high pedestal for years to come.

In Conclusion

A great collage of Nintendo!

By now, you might have noticed some of Nintendo’s consoles did not make my personal experience list. I bet the main one you’re wondering about is the Nintendo 64. By the time I was old enough to understand games and actually enjoy them, the technology was already surpassed. The PlayStation 2 was already out in terms of the home console and then I was playing my Game Boy Color. Honestly, I didn’t really have an interest in the Nintendo 64.

I’ve heard some great games were made for that console and it would be nice to experience them either as re-masters or perhaps Nintendo can include them on a Nintendo-approved emulator like they let us already do with the NES and SNES, as long as you’re subscribed to their online service on the Switch.

In terms of lasting legacy, it feels like I’ve been on the journey with Nintendo. I got to experience their adventure into the handheld/portable market, then I got to experience the ambitious consoles such as the GameCube, the Wii, and now the Switch.

I do feel like Nintendo is on their own in terms of niche. As the Switch ages, it just further cements Nintendo as a gaming company that can appeal to all ages. You can play some games more geared toward beginners and children, or you could get more serious games like Dark Souls or Skyrim and also play those on the go.

I’m glad to see that Sony and Microsoft do not view Nintendo as an adversary. It looks like at least on the surface that Microsoft has at least some interest into working as a team. I’m not talking acquisition, but just as letting Nintendo borrowing some of their assets like Steve from Minecraft and putting him as a Smash Bros fighter.

It could be argued that Nintendo is the “gateway drug” (for the lack of better term) for gamers all around. It sure was for me! If it wasn’t for Nintendo, I would not have craved the adventures provided by the Sony games nor the arcade + epic story games provided by Microsoft.

With everything already being said, and for the sake of not making this piece any longer than it needs to me, I can safely say that I have told my complete history with Nintendo. The best part, I think, is that there are many great years ahead. I would like to see what’s next; however, I think the Switch has many great years left, especially with a new and improved model of it.

Thank you very much for reading!

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