Getting Healthier #2: A Journey of 1,000 Miles…

This morning, July 1st, I wanted to step on the scales in the bathroom and see what kind of progress I have made in terms of establishing, and following, my system of incrementally getting healthier.

Last time I weighted in, according to my Fitbit, was June 8th. I logged my weight as 330 pounds.

It was time to get a progress report and do an internal audit of this system.

So, as of July 1st, I weight 329.4 pounds. In just under a 30 day period, I lost less than one pound.

At first, I was a bit bummed out but I had to remind myself that a journey of 1,000 miles always begins with one step. I feel that we have made that first step this month.

I started to think what changes we have made behind the scenes the past month in regards to being healthier. For starters, I only drink one soda a day. My sugar addiction has been so impactful over the years that the few days I would drink no sodas, cold turkey, I would get insufferable migraines around 4pm and they would carry me until I had a soda.

In comparison with my 4-6 sodas a day previously, I considered that a huge step forward.

In terms of what I drink now, I have fallen in love with alternating water with the sparkling water, specifically Bubly. I do not wish to buy any sodas in the stores. In fact, I found that Bubly makes a caffenated variation of their sparkling water and I am now drinking one of those a day in substitution of the soda. We will see how the migraines behave with that!

In terms of snacks and sweets, I have thrown out all of the junk I am used to. I usually have a caramel rice cake or an apple if I’m craving a sweet.

Other times, in between my three meals a day, when my stomach still grumbles, I have found that a handful of peanuts or goldfish crackers will do the trick until the next major meal.

Keep in mind, it took me most of June just to find all of these items and adopt these substitutions to my daily routine. As of today, I feel like this routine will really pay dividends the next month since now that I have my intake on a monitor, it’s time to incorporate exercise.

I have a incline rowing machine and I have a full body workout I like to use on the machine. Want to know my problem? I am having difficulty working my exercise into my daily schedule. I’ve tried exercising a couple of times during lunch this week, and I just do not like it.

So I did some reflecting and I noticed in the morning, in between waking up and logging on to work, I have a lethargic ritual. I turn on the tv, bundle up in my blanket, and scroll my phone. A lot of times, I nod off and just do that until 8AM.

This month, today is the first day, I have decided to wake up, and then get a bottle of water and just wake myself up. I made my wife some breakfast and I went outside with the dogs on their morning potty break. My wife immediately noticed I was a lot more alert and I could tell she was proud of me.

7AM rolled around and I was wide awake. What did I do next? I set up the machine and did my workout. Around 7:30, I went and made a protein shake to serve as my breakfast. Then, at 7:50, I went to shower up before I started my day at work.

I should mention here that normally, I would shower anywhere from 9-12pm since I work from home. I would get the day started then find 15 minutes to freshen up. If the morning was busy, lunch was my absolute latest benchmark to shower.

With everything done by the time I logged on for work, it just made my day feel 10 times better. This is a routine I want to work on making my normal for July.

I feel like if I can establish my workout into my morning routine and start the day fresh, awake, and alert, it will pay many dividends in the long run. I want to do this in combination with everything else I have discovered in June.

Hopefully, when I write Getting Healthier #3 around this time in August, I can give you all a better update than today. Again, shedding X amount of pounds is not the point. Even if the pounds aren’t falling off even in August, this addition to the system can still be a success as long as I feel more healthy next month than I do now.

At least for now, people can tell I’ve lost a little weight in my face. Thankfully, I am more motivated than ever going into July.

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