Should You Buy The New Nintendo Switch?

As you can see in the video below, Nintendo was finally ready to reveal what they have been working on!

It IS new….sort of

This piece will cover the key differences in this new model of the Switch and I’m going to conclude by answering who the audience is for this console and if it’s worth the buy.

Also, before we really begin, here is a link to the Verge article that I used to confirm some of this information I will be providing below:

So we finally have a new Nintendo Switch! I figured it was a matter of “when” versus “if” we get the announcement because Bloomberg was the first to leak this news and they usually have a good pulse on these things.

As you can see, Nintendo changed some of the aesthetics with this model of the Switch. We have a white dock with some changes in its form factor. The joycons also got the white treatment.

In terms of the look, I like it!

Some of the notable changes with this console is that the Switch will be providing an OLED display, which will provide a more colorful and illuminating experience with your games. The screen’s size also increased to occupy more of the Switch. On the base model most of us have, we all see there’s a good inch in terms of a black border from the edge of the console to the screen. This new console eliminates that gap, almost completely. Now of course, you will want “some” buffer though, because we all have dropped things before!

Another key difference, this being in the dock, is that it has a built in Ethernet port. This will allow you to game on a hard wired internet connection, when docked. If you have a rough experience gaming over WiFi, this will be nice to have. Honestly though, in hindsight, I’m really surprised this was not an initial feature.

The other main difference in the video is the stand. I think having a much improved kickstand built into the console will help people prop the Switch on a table. It’s hard to strike that balance with the size of the Switch and the default kick stand for propping. I personally never use this feature due to the difficulty of propping the console; however, this eliminates that issue altogether.

Not to mention, they also have doubled the internal memory to 64GB. You’re still going to need a SD card for more than 2 full games on the Switch.

Another plus is that they mention that the sound is enhanced for the portable speakers!

Now, naturally, I had some other questions after watching the Nintendo video. Especially since the speculation was all over the place. Can the console run 4k? Is the handheld battery life better? Will it have better performance? And not to mention, how are they able to make a vast quantity of these consoles during a chip shortage affecting many industries worldwide?

Let’s start with a couple of these questions, chiefly the output and performance. The Verge was able to confirm that the Switch will still be putting out the 1080p via the dock to our televisions. As for the OLED handheld display, it will remain at 720p. As for the performance, it has the same internal components, so it won’t have any optimization, nor faster load times that you see on some of the newer consoles. In other words, they didn’t really change anything under the hood.

The Verge also confirmed that the battery life is the same in handheld mode, so another component left unchanged.

I think the fact that Nintendo opted for a new model during a global chip shortage is a feat in itself. By leaving the internal parts alone, such as the graphics card, motherboard, battery, and etc, They bypassed the chip shortage. Changing the screen to be bigger with OLED technology instead of regular LED is something you can do without being handicapped. This is how they are able to get new hardware out, and fast in my opinion. October 8th is not far away. It will be here before we know it.

So who exactly is Nintendo targeting with this new model of the Nintendo Switch?

I think the first answer is obvious. People that have not bought Nintendo Switches yet. It’s expected that Nintendo will get another fresh wave of Switch gamers this holiday season and they will have something new for them to try. They took three main quality of life improvements from the main model and are offering those, as well as a new aesthetic look for the dock and joycons, for $50 more than the base model. I can see them migrating over to this model as the primary Switch, with the Switch Lites as the other model.

In fact, this might help Nintendo make another splash in sales since the PlayStation and Xbox, as it looks now, will still suffer from low inventory issues.

You know who else Nintendo is targeting? The handheld and mobile crowd. We’re talking about the people that primarily play with the Switch in their hands, or on the go in their various travels. The new and improved kickstand will be very nice and having a bigger and crisper display to view your games will be a nice experience.

Personally, I mostly play with my Switch docked to the TV. I will play handheld about 25% of the time. I’ve had my console since 2017 and I’m very much accustomed to my handheld experience, so this Switch doesn’t really want me to take a leap and bite at the new model.

Now, for those of us that are happy with our Switches, this model will most likely be what we have to replace our old consoles with, if Heaven forbid, anything happens to our hardware.

Overall, I think this is a nice model and will make a splash with the two primary audiences Nintendo has obviously targeted with this design. If you are new to the Switch, or if you primarily experience your Switch gaming on the go or handheld, get it!

Especially if you’re in the latter part of that audience. Sell your Switch online and recoup most of your money and then just pay the difference on the new one to upgrade your Nintendo experience!

For those of us waiting for a Switch with 4K output, improved performance, and perhaps improved joycons, I think we are going to have to wait at least another couple of years at the earliest.

Just my two cents, hope you all have a fantastic week!

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