Writing Prompt #3 : Do You Ever Seek Advice on the Internet?

I knew as soon as I saw this writing prompt: “I have to answer this one!”

The short answer is yes. Within this piece of writing, I am going to tell you some recent examples of seeking help on the internet. Also on the flip side, I’ve also been giving advice on the internet. Earlier in my life, I would be the teenager that would post onto Facebook: “Don’t forget to set your clocks forward one hour!” during Fall switch from Daylight Savings Time. Basically, it was me being a little shit of a troll and messing with people. I thought it was funny but nobody else did.

As I have grown older, I have scaled my trolling down to just posting funny memes about current events, making sure not to offend anybody and also generating a good laugh out of people. Ironically, instead of pissing random people off on the internet, I’ve started being nicer over the years and helping people that seek advice just out of random! Of course, I get a “thank you” afterward and I never really know what my words did for these people. That’s fine because I just feel the urge to help and I just do it.

Now, I’ll get into the meat and potatoes of this writing prompt. As I have blogged previously, I have been at war with my own mind. I just was in a mental rut for a long time and I kept thinking of different ways to change my ways. It turns out, the solution was just to pick up my metaphorical sword and just jump straight into battle, taking down one enemy at a time.

The first major battle I faced was with my alcohol consumption problem. I’ve talked about this battle in a piece I wrote at the start of this month: https://libraryofshane.com/2021/11/03/no-backsliding-november/

I’m bringing this battle up because the FIRST place I went for advice was a sub-reddit called /r/stopdrinking.

For some reason, I just felt better posting everything about my issue on there, being as honest as all possible because nobody in my social circle knows my reddit account.

After the post was made, I received so many encouraging comments from strangers. In addition, they also shared some insights and some obstacles I will be facing if I keep moving forward.

Honestly, most people wrote me comments that were longer than my longest blog posts on here, so you could tell it was genuine advice because folks these pieces take some time to write. There’s no doubt about that!

I checked in with that sub-reddit periodically. I made a post when I hit my 30 day mark and it received even more great pointers about this journey long-term.

Another place I like to participate in, is the Getting Sober…Again YouTube channel. I will watch his livestreams about once a week on the replay and take good notes because he was in a similar age and lifestyle as myself when he made his journey. His show is just so wholesome and the energy it gives is just positive all the way around.

I’ve had redditors and YouTubers check on me periodically and it has been tremendous.

I think it is an absolute wonder how much good you can find on the Internet, but you’ve gotta scratch the surface and dig a little bit. Because the surface is much of the negativity and hate we see daily.

One reason I gravitated toward anonymous advice is that I wanted to stop drinking for quite a long time but I did not have the proper counsel. My wife does not really drink and she didn’t grow up in a household that liked alcohol, so she wouldn’t really have that fight on her resume, even though she has been very supportive and proud of me doing this on my own free will and accord.

Also, I grew up in a family that loved to drink. They are great people but I didn’t want their advice either because I didn’t want them to feel any guilt. Also, I didn’t want them to change their lifestyle for the sake of me. I’m just making this choice as a personal health decision that will propel me to make even better choices down the road, with a better state of mind. I want them to keep being the same ol’ people as they are now.

There are other times where anonymous advice can be helpful as well, but I couldn’t resist writing my own example because I’ve received great benefits from it. Just know that you might run into some younger versions of myself trolling you, just tune them out. Trolls die from starvation, don’t feed the trolls.

2 Replies to “Writing Prompt #3 : Do You Ever Seek Advice on the Internet?”

  1. Getting advice from people can help to make you accountable. I love all the groups you can follow and see how other people deal with the same situation you may have. I had to laugh at your younger self though!


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