Friday Reading: Follower’s Special

For today’s post, I wanted to try something different. I have been pondering different ideas this week on how to connect with you all and help you out as much as your support has helped me out, especially in terms of encouragement to keep writing!

Around Wednesday, it finally dawned on me. Why don’t I pick some of this blog’s followers and go read what they have wrote? Next, I did some more brainstorming and figured out that for this post, I’ll start from the top of my follower list and work my way down. I’ll pick five each time I do one of these.

Then, I’ll pick one article that I’ve enjoyed from the five bloggers and link to it, as well as give my thoughts on why I like the particular piece. Maybe a paragraph or two, but you all know by now how long winded I can be.

This is an experiment of an article but I just wanted to do SOMETHING to show my appreciation for your support and try to outreach and connect with you all better, even if we blog about different topics. With the introduction out of the way, here goes nothing!

First, I want to link an article written by FARHEEN DHANJAL titled 7 HABITS YOU SHOULD LEARN TO UNLEARN:

It turns out that I’ve been subconsciously un-learning some of these habits as I change other things about my lifestyle. She’s absolutely right that you can’t change people, but you can absolutely change how you interact with them. Don’t let negative people lure you in because that bad energy will rub off on you. I’ve been susceptible to it many times. The second habit is all about not yelling. I think it’s just a natural trigger that sets us off. I still need to work on raising my voice at times, because it turns out that silence is a much bigger momentum swinger than just pure, unleashed anger.

Some of the other habits involve taking care of your own needs instead of trying to please people that just aren’t worth it. This relates to my wife and her work situation for sure! I won’t go over all of the habits so that you can check it out yourself. One final habit that struck home was to stop with the negative self-talk. I was the world’s worst. Lately, I’ve been telling myself that “today is going to be a great day” or even when I’m stressed out at work “just take it one at a time, they’re on your time.”

Second, I want to link an article by Wonder Watson titled “HOW TO CURB THE FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING”

One aspect that I find ironic about public speaking is in regards to the current age we live in. Many of us are social butterflies online. We can write about a variety of topics at ease, with no pressure. Even if we get many views, it’s all good! Now if you do the same thing in front of people in a room, things change! Shoot, I can barely bring myself to get in front of a camera and make a YouTube video even though I watch many other regular people do it and think nothing of them!

Now I think the key is consoling yourself from within and somehow gussying yourself up to bring out your most authentic self during the presentation. I think the key is to act like you’re just having a conversation with friends that want to hear what you have to say. Again, that’s easier said than done but the few times I’ve had to publicly speak in college, that was my main strategy.

Third, I’m going to link an article by FamilyDude titled “BRINGING FAMILY MEMBERS CLOSER WITH THE LAW OF ATTRACTION”

(I had a hard time getting WordPress to link this properly, just copy and paste this in your browser if nothing else) I’m not going to lie, the title alone had me hooked because I’ve done some research and practice of the whole idea involving the Law of Attraction. I think The Secret covers that extensively.

In essence though, the law of attraction can be misleading as a name. You’re basically just picking a single objective and establishing a system to reach whatever you’re needing to do. If you want to have a more tight knit family, you’ve gotta have multiple things like your family all on the same page, then start establishing activities for bonding, etc. This article does a good job of laying out an example of a good system.

Fourth, I’m going to link an article by BadiaaHiresh titled Find the time… YOU COME FIRST!

The whole idea of this article is to take care of your own mental health and entertain what your mind and body need first and foremost. Some might can spin this as being selfish, which is true, but this article has a great message. The whole idea is that if you can maintain your spirits and keep a positive outlook and make sure your own emotional needs are met; it will radiate outward to other people. You’ll have friends, family, or co-workers take a look at you and say “You know, I need to be more happy myself and enjoy life.”

When I was in good spirits, I’ve even had random people approach me in the hallways between my college courses and also in the shopping isles of the supermarket. Each time people will say a nice little comment just observing that seeing me upbeat and having fun makes them get the itch to do the same thing.

Fifth, and finally, I am going to link an article by indianeskitchen titled Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Bread

This article is a bit of a different change, it’s a recipe! First of all, I’ve got this recipe saved to my favorites because my wife would absolutely love this. One comment I want to say regarding her recipes is that they are laid out in such a presentable manner. I’m a pretty decent cook myself, but when it comes time to try new things, I’m only as good as the recipe in front of me.

Not only do her recipes give you the specific ingredients and portions you will need, it also has pictures of each step of preparation, that way you aren’t questioning “does this look right?” before you pop this particular treat in the oven.

I will say one thing unique about this recipe is that although this looks like a big cookie, it’s actually a bread. Once I read that part, I was wanting to try to make this even more. That’s why you’re putting it in a cast iron skillet and putting it in the oven. Otherwise, she would just tell you to get some parchment paper and put it on a cookie sheet and let the oven do it’s magic!

In conclusion, I hope this is a great ice breaker to some of you that I follow. I really appreciate the support for my little blog that I still am trying to materialize. Having the content that you all produce gives me great ideas to ponder, food to prepare, as well as health tips. I didn’t get into some of those blogs in this article but you bet I’m going to do another one of these rather soon.

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  1. That was so kind of you to say Shane. I can’t thank you enough and I hope your wife loves it as I’m sure she does you! I hope you can enjoy more of my recipes.


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