Writing Prompt #5: How Stoic Are You?

First of all, I went to this website below to find out what exactly makes a person considered a stoic:


Below, I’ve extracted a good piece from the article we can use for the response to this writing prompt:

One should clearly distinguish between events that one has control over, and those that one cannot control.

This is the basis of correct thinking and of reaching one’s maximum potential as a human being. Because only after we’re able to see what we can influence and what we cannot, we can approach these two classes of events in different, and appropriate, ways.

The events that I can control, I must control, the Stoic would say. It is my duty as a human being and as a citizen to use my power and my influence in society to the maximum extent possible, in order to benefit everyone who comes into the sphere of my control.

With the reading above, I feel like I have enough to answer the writing prompt. I would say that I am partially Stoic. As I work to improve myself mentally, I feel that I am progressing more into how a Stoic would interpret events and respond.

Honestly, I have a decent knack for identifying things that I can control and not control. My main issue is the second part. My responses to these events are not ideal as of yet.

For the events I cannot control, I still have a tendency to put a bit of interference into the event. I will still try to approach these events as if I can still make a difference even though I already know the response will not matter much. I’ll still disappoint myself in these scenarios even though I should distance myself.

As for the things I can control, I can handle those a lot better now. I have taken good steps to ensure that I know what all is immediate, distant, and way beyond. I can divide my time quite well these days and accomplish everything I need to.

One aspect of Stoicism that I do embrace is the incremental system of personal improvement. You take each day as a blank slate and don’t let the events of yesterday dictate you today. Shake it off! Each day has its own lessons to learn. It will have its blessings and it will have its own obstacles. We have to look within and learn to take each day brand new. We don’t necessarily have to forget the events of yesterday, but maybe it’s worth doing a self-audit and asking if things could have been handled a bit better or was the rough response the best we could have done.

We don’t have the rewinding powers of Max Caufield from Life is Strange so we have to take our past lessons and use them to help us make future decisions. The world is more than just us individually, we’ve got to send out good karma.

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