Black Friday Traditions

Good morning everyone,

I figured I’d spend a brief moment and share with you all what we like to do on Black Friday.

The first thing we do, is set up the Christmas tree. Now that we’ve got our new home, we’ve got more room to properly display a good 6-7ft christmas tree. We have our tree picked out, which is a pre-lit tree from Wal-Mart that will last us years! Also, we’ve got our topping and the ornaments picked out. It’s going to be a fun morning setting it up.

Midday, we gather and watch our Arkansas Razorbacks play the Battle Line Rivalry with the Missouri Tigers. We’ve had a great football season and I think our players are finally amped up to play this game. Missouri always plays us exceptionally well and I would love for this to be a more even rivalry. It’s just unfortunate they have beat us the past five years in a row.

Shortly after the game, we have a usual lull in the action. That’s when we honor the Black Friday shopping spree. We don’t like to go out in the stores and quite honestly, we have mostly everything we need. I think we’re gonna browse different website for some kitchen ware and oddly specific things we could use for the house. Usually, we can find good deals like that if we split up and look hard.

(Also, we do that again on Cyber Monday if Black Friday is not a success.)

To cap the day off, we go visit my wife’s family and have their Thanksgiving meal. It’s usually a good time and this year it will be a bit downsized. My hope is that her parents don’t have to work as hard to prepare everything with less food to cook for less people.

I hope all of you have enjoyed this holiday that was fast approaching!

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