My December Update

Good morning to all of you out there!

I have finally found some time to write some more. I want to say this time it’s definitely not from the lack of wanting to write, it’s just that things got quite busy behind the scenes.

Still doing just fine! In terms of health, I’ve got a couple of little updates that I’ve been either discovering or doing on the side. First, I discovered that I have dropped two pant sizes. I have noticed lately that it has been a struggle for me to keep wearing my usual pairs of jeans. I’m having to wrap my belt around my waist until I hit the last slot for my belt buckle. Of course, I’m thinking, I’ve got to get a bigger belt. Nope! I need to get smaller pants!

Also, I have decided to start incorporating more water into my daily intake. For the past month or so, I’ve been drinking a soda or two a day. Close to Thanksgiving, I started weening off again by getting the zero sugar variety. Of course, that was only a temporary solution because in many ways, the diet and zero sugar sodas are even more harmful than a straight Coke. Look into that, you’ll be surprised! Yes, you are giving up sugar but look what you’re introducing.

I’m not trying to preach, I’m just sharing what I have discovered on my own research. The main drinks in my fridge now are bottled water and the Bubly seltzer water. Also, I’m trying to cut down on my coffee per day. I have been notorious for drinking the three large cups of coffee that my Keurig device will allow me to make before I have to fill the tank up again.

Then in the evening, especially when it gets cooler, I’ll have another cup or two. For now, I’m trimming my intake down to two cups total. I’ll have a cup while I eat my breakfast before work. Then, I’ll have my second cup while I get my office equipment started and check my morning emails. It’s almost like a ritual of waking up for me. It’s quite odd!

In the evening, I’ve got some basic tea that I’ll try to make. I’m trying to cut down on my caffeine intake because I’m a bit too wiry for this slow season of office work, to be blunt about it.

That’s my little health update.

Mentally, I’m still in pretty damn good shape. Part of the reason I’ve been a bit quiet on here is that we went through a last major push for work in the past ten days or so. It required a lot of focus and each day I was mentally drained by the time work ended. Also, my wife’s grandmother had a nasty fall the week of Thanksgiving and it’s been a back and forth recovery for her. She’s 93 years young and she’s got an absurd amount of grit and willpower for her age. I wish I could have a fraction of that when I get her age. So, I’ve been trying to be around my wife more and giving her more of my attention and keeping her mind in good spirits. So far, so good!

I’ve been wanting to create again. I do enjoy writing on here but I’ve got two urges hitting me at the same time. One comes from the musical direction and one comes from the writing direction. I’ve been thinking of some neat stories to tell but also, I’ve had a knack to get out my old keyboard and piano book and re-learn what I’ve used to know from playing piano. I learned enough of the basic music theory to play piano for a school play back in the seventh grade. I bought a piano book last year and I’m breezing through the basics. I’m still going to go through the whole course just to figure out where I actually need to “start” again.

As for the writing, I’ve had a story idea that’s been brewing in my head. It’s a Western story at its core, but it’s a fictional western town living on a coast. They import a lot of their goods from a trading company. It’s a pretty good relationship but the trading company is actually going to end up being a guild of highly skilled pirates that are running a slow-burn infiltration of the town. Ultimately, it will culminate into a raid on the town. The main character will spend extensive time on both sides, taking in each side’s story and figuring out who should win. I don’t want it to be black and white. I want both sides to be technically morally gray to where each option could make sense in their own way.

I’d like for the story to start out in the middle of an action sequence to get the reader’s attention and then just expand the entire friggin’ plot and story from there. It’s still an idea cloud in my head that I’ve been jotting some good notes on my phone when new ideas come to me but I don’t know many people that have the time to sit there and read a damn story. I’m thinking the piano might be a wiser investment because music is a lost art and you can just pop up an entertain people in more places easier.

People have told me that music theory is a lot like mathematics, which is one of my strong suits.

I think for now, I’ll still write on here AT LEAST once a week but ideally more. I’m going to most likely write some year end reviews of all my usual major topics.

Here are some of the pieces I’ve got in my mind:

I’d like to write my own game of the year article. I’ve played quite a few new games this year and I don’t really see eye to eye with the game awards.

Also, I’d like to do a year end recap of my journey of health. Visually, it hasn’t been much impressive but it turns out that there was quite a bit of adjustment under the hood that needed to be made. Thankfully, it should bode well for next year!

Finally, I’m going to try to write a letter to my future self as my final article of the year. I’ll schedule it to post two different times. The first time will be when I type it up, and then I’ll schedule the second time to be a year from the day I write the original letter. I’ve had this concept brewing for a good month now!

Before I get off of here, I want to thank you all for being a part of this blog. I really do enjoy writing on here and I would love to get back in the habit of posting things daily but I need to get through the holiday season first!

I want to wish you all a very, merry, and happy holiday season. There are many different traditions and cultures that celebrate this season in their own way and I enjoy them all! Spread some cheer out there even if you’ve been a magnet for negativity!

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