Dear 2022…

Dear 2022,

I think it is about time I sit you down and have a conversation with you. I’m talking about a respectful, but assertive conversation. We’ll keep the tone and attitude on the level of equality and respect. I have a few things to say to you, in hopes that we can work together and make this one of the best years of growth yet. See, I made a big mistake in 2021. I was too caught up in my own personal changes to really sit down and tell 2021 how things were going to be. I let it dictate and then I reacted accordingly. Many great things happened last year but it was the result of many trials, mistakes, and growth.

This year, I want to apply all of the good and bad, throw it into a big melting pot, and then sprinkle in the lessons I have learned along the way. I want to make this year something good.

But first, let’s examine the current situation in the world right now.

Right now, we have another wave of the coronavirus infecting many, many people. I think this has been the most infectious yet. If the virus has not reached a person yet, this variant will do the trick. Schools are closing down, businesses are tightening up their guidelines, stores are losing their supplies, It looks a bit bleak on the surface does it not?

Thankfully, this variant is the least severe yet. Plus, in comparison to last year, we have many ways to handle it. We have vaccines, pills, homeopathic remedies recommended by Dr. Joe Rogan, I mean, the sky is the limit. It’s burning through the population quickly and most people just have a hell of a cold.

I think this year will have quite of few of these situations. It’s going to throw many obstacles our way as the year progresses, especially enemies and obstacles we have either dealt with in the past or can handle rather easily.

2022 is an audit of ourselves. Will we handle things in a different way? Will we change old habits? Did we even learn anything from 2021?

My answer is that I will try my best to take the most positive outlook I can, each and every day. I will be the first to admit that I am not perfect. There will be some bad days, that pesky negativity will dominate some scenarios that I know it does not need to.

My key for you, 2022, is that I want to take each day on a fresh start. Nothing from the previous day will bleed into the next day. We are talking about a reset every 24 hours. Maybe one day work is a nightmare, I’m sick with allergies, my wife is in a bad mood, and my dogs are being awful. Throw it all together! When the next day arrives, I will ask myself if I could have done anything differently but then dwell no more on that day.

Another thing we need to cover, 2022, is external relationships. Just for one example, my maternal side of the family always has personal issues. I have a sibling that has a life at the home that isn’t exactly what it seems when we see them in public. Everything is just fine publicly, but privately, it seems like a nightmare some days. My mother and myself would sit and burn a lot of time and energy, especially my mother, in trying to find out what’s up and make sure they’re all okay. They just will not spill all the beans. So, using this instance as an example, I want to tell you, 2022, that I will no longer burn so much energy on things that I will not eventually discover, and I will make sure my mother does not as well. There is a difference in extending an open ear, and a generous hand….in comparison to trying to appeal and figure out what’s up and then just get brushed off.

The last major thing I need to discuss with you, 2022, is that I want to cherish the little things. There was a saying that I heard from my aunt a lot as a young kid. Especially when my impatience would kick in. She would always tell me that we are on God’s time. In many ways, especially retrospectively, she was absolutely correct. My wife’s grandma is about to turn 94 years old and we thought we were about to lose her during the holiday season. Instead, she is taking every day, slowly recovering. Every time I visit her, I am going to let her dictate the time. If she wants to talk for an hour, then I’m all ears. If she just wants to say hello and rest, then that is fine as well. Once I get to be her age, I think I’ll finally understand how much the little things truly mean. Just think of how busy we all are, at least, we think we are. We get ourselves in a tizzy over the every day rat race, chasing many things that are irrelevant and burning so much time on trivial distractions. People like Doe Doe, are on a whole different wavelength. It’s probably a struggle to get us to just stop and care for a few minutes.

So, in 2022, I’m going to make this a better year than last year. I want to keep learning, keep growing, and keep making my friends and family enjoy the time I have with them all. If I can just make a little impact, even if I know it or not, that’s the whole idea. Also, I want to keep failing at certain things and keep making errors in judgement. I have this innate desire for perfection but I am just deluding myself with that pursuit. The creator of all things is the ONLY thing that is perfect. We are flawed and we are embraced in spirit. That tells me we should embrace ourselves in the same fashion.

Thank you for reading this, 2022. Let’s go out and make this a great time. We need to start steering the collective conscious toward the light. Every inch we can.

2 Replies to “Dear 2022…”

  1. I love the part about failing. I myself am aiming to fail more this year, instead of aiming to do things well. I figure that my biggest problem is not trying in the first place, thanks to doubt. Anyway, wishing you all the best!


    1. One of the hardest lessons but most helpful. It’s taken me 28 years. Thank you for all of the kind words, and make 2022 a great one!


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