Irons In The Fire

Hello readers out there!

It has been quite a long time since I have last posted on here.

To begin, I just want to give you a general update on how things are going. Then, I want to tell you all the two things I will be working on this summer. After that, I’ll provide some links and let you know what I would like to do with this blog.

First, things are going well. My wife and I are very happy and we are eagerly anticipating our five year anniversary of our marriage. Five years and many more! We are going on a mini vacation and then we are spending some time with our family. In terms of mental health, and the like, I’m in a very good state. Work was hectic for much of the spring season; however, things are starting to settle down. I feel that my relationships with my superiors as well as my team have strengthened and it will pay off down the road. We all have invested more trust into each other.

I started this blog to scratch my creative itch. For quite a long time, this blog has served that purpose. I got to find out what I liked to write about and get into a habit of creating content on the internet that can be consumed. I’ve enjoyed opening up to you all and letting this blog be a vehicle and hopefully an inspiration to your own self-growth as well.

Lately, I’ve been wanting to do more creative content with my passions such as gaming, but I can’t really do that blogging. Writing reviews and pieces on current events is time consuming and doesn’t gain much traction. My heart is into that content though, so the first iron I have tossed into the fire is the creation of my YouTube channel.

I am going to link it below. I am going to have some gameplay, discuss video games, do some showing and telling, and also try out some new variety of content. I have friends on there that like to collect comics, cards, and other things and I might try my hand at some of it. I enjoy the tight knit, organic community and I want to be a part of it and help them all grow.

Last week, I started to do a blog on Anchor. It was fun and I made about three episodes, each about thirty minutes in length. I was working on getting some of those episodes added to YouTube when I had the epiphany: “Why don’t I just do YouTube videos?”

So, that led me to do what I’ve been working on currently. I want to keep the podcast outlet open, I might find something unique to do on there, maybe with some friends. But for now, I’m putting that on the shelf.

As for writing, I’ve been churning three different story ideas in my mind.

I have wanted to write three different stories for a long time. First was a medieval setting. Second is a western, with some fantasy elements like magic and creatures to it. Third, I wanted to do something more modern. A Canterbury tale type of story with a paranormal twist to it. I was brainstorming these ideas via text to my bonus Mom and all of the sudden I thought “I could do all of this in a trilogy.”

So I pitched her the idea that popped into my head and she was sold! I didn’t convey my thoughts to her initially, I wanted her raw, unbiased feedback. She essentially told me that each story was decent on its own but if I could weave all of them together, loosely connected into a trilogy, then it would be golden.

That’s my second iron in the fire. I will be mostly writing toward the first book. I want to learn the process and get my feet wet in terms of writing. It will take some time and the book might not even show up for a long time but I want to plant the seeds this summer onto paper and see what happens from there.

As for this blog, I want to keep it going. In terms of direction, I want to keep this as a lifestyle, self-growth, reflection, etc. blog. Those pieces have been the most popular over the past year and people seem to enjoy my random reflections and life lessons. Also, people seem to enjoy my self-help content that I have used on myself. I love writing about it on here because I can keep it short and sweet and I can also serve as a living testimony to the positive effects.

In conclusion, I want to thank you all for the past year. I will keep as a domain but I will no longer have access to the premium features of WordPress, and I am absolutely fine with that. Please send me your updates and your latest pieces, I’d love to log in once a week and at least read what you all have to say on your personal sites, even if I choose not to write on mine for a while.

I also want to thank my bonus Mom out there for helping me get the courage to get this blog started. She told me ages ago that she enjoyed my stuff but felt that YouTube would also be a good calling. So why not both?

I’ll talk to you all later on this month. Be kind to one another, live each day as it’s a new day. Don’t let the bad stuff from yesterday bleed into tomorrow. Slow is fast! These are some of the mantras I’ve been channeling lately.

Love, Shane

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